Air controls and occupational health and hygiene

Written by MMG Limited     June 15 2023 at 5:12 PM

Evaluating and responding to occupational health risks is critical for a mining operation. Las Bambas is cultivating a safety culture where everyone onsite understands the potential health impacts of carcinogenic agents, with controls guiding employees to assess and manage risks. A Health and Hygiene Committee is overseeing a review process that implements action plans for measuring and maintaining air quality in closed areas coupled with efficient air filtering systems. These steps are keeping track of consistent air quality across transport, including buses, mining equipment cabins, control rooms and camps.

During 2022, a healthy Las Bambas work environment was bolstered through an occupational hygiene work plan. Together with strategic partners, health assessments and, where necessary, treatment plans, follow-up medical care and return to work arrangements are followed. Program scope is extensive, covering a large remit that includes hearing conservation, respiratory protection, musculoskeletal injury prevention, healthy living, wellbeing, mental health and fatigue and drowsiness management, to name just a few. On-site medical units diagnose and treat employees and recently acquired ambulances, which are used for transportation when required, can also be mobilised. Importantly, the site complies with international standards and best practices in mining health and hygiene.