Solar Farm supports MMG’s low carbon plans

Written by MMG Limited     March 21 2024 at 3:25 PM

MMG’s Queensland-based Dugald River mine is hastening the transition to a more sustainable future.


Following the official opening of the Mount Isa-based Solar Farm, the facility is delivering about one third of the site’s electricity needs, consistent with reducing the mine’s emissions.


Dugald River General Manager Dr Tim Akroyd said the facility has reduced energy-related emissions by about 33 per cent since April 2023.


“As a relatively new mine, we have strong aspirations to decarbonise our mining operations and be a global leader in sustainability,” he said. “Renewable energy delivers environmental and economic benefits for a remote location mine. We are already seeing the Solar Farm’s cost savings. This is a welcome reprieve as the cost of mining continues to rise, making for more challenging economic conditions.”


Energy provider APA Group is operating the 88MW solar farm at Mica Creek through a long-term solar offtake agreement.


Dr Akroyd said plans are underway to source energy from wind power. “We are investigating the feasibility of building a wind farm at Dugald River to complement the solar operation,” he added.


“Our medium-term goal is for three quarters of our power to come from renewable energy, delivering further site cost savings, reducing the local community’s footprint and supporting future ore body extension and growth opportunities.”


Dugald River plays an essential role in supporting MMG’s vision to be a leading international mining company for a low carbon future.

Dugald River’s Solar Farm has reduced energy-related emissions by about 33 per cent since it came into operation in April 2023.


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