Creating positive legacies from sustainable assets

Written by MMG Limited     April 27 2024 at 4:25 PM

We are committed to regulatory, environmental, tax and revenue compliance across all operating jurisdictions, in line with our organisational values and standards. Together with our regional teams and local stakeholders we are managing and foreshadowing any sovereign and geopolitical risks and adapting our business, as necessary, to changing conditions.


Our multi-billion dollar regional expenditure, outlined in our tax summary includes contributions to public investment, development programs, and tax and royalty payments. Beyond these headline figures, MMG’s pledged infrastructure assets will benefit the generations that follow. Notable projects helping to build respect and trust include improved access to schools, bridges, healthcare centres and agricultural food security ventures designed to promote community and individual self-sufficiency. MMG works closely with our local communities to understand and develop the programs and infrastructure required in that area. Skilled workforces and successful small businesses are other beneficiaries of MMG-funded social enterprise schemes.


Additionally, through our in-country purchasing of goods and services we are also bringing local businesses a platform to strengthen their own regional supply networks, fostering greater independence outside of our mutually beneficial contracts.


At the geo-political risk level, we are committed to limiting human induced global warming by hastening our renewable energy business strategies that align with industry peak body targets and ambitions.

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