Supporting female education in the DRC

Written by MMG Limited     January 7 2023 at 4:59 PM

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) highlight the importance of education by bringing people the knowledge and skills necessary to prosper as well as fostering a greater level of understanding and tolerance within communities. MMG Kinsevere endorses the SDGs by supporting local education initiatives, particularly those benefiting young girls.

In 2022, the Kifita village school celebrated the first recipients and graduates of the MMG Kinsevere scholarship program including Irma Mbuyu (pictured) who commenced her first year of university in Lubumbashi after receiving an MMG scholarship to complete her secondary studies.

In the first scholarship program year, 10 girls completed the national state exams with a 99% pass rate, followed by another 41 students, including 17 girls. To date, based on performance monitoring overseen by a non-profit organisation specialising in education, a total of 102 scholarship recipients, including 39 girls, have benefited from Kinsevere’s support since primary school. The construction of a secondary school in the Kifita village will progress students’ educational opportunities, a basic right that is often denied to girls who face cultural expectations of early marriage.

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