Kinsevere supporting Adult literacy in the DRC: 6 years of encouraging progress.

Written by Lydia Mpundu     September 8 2022 at 5:50 PM

To mark 2022 International Literacy Day, Kinsevere reflects on the long-lasting partnership with various stakeholders we have built to reduce the rate of illiteracy in the DRC. By improving access to adult education and literacy programs we are working together to build a better educated and more qualified national workforce in the DRC.

In DRC, it is difficult to get a reliable estimate on the actual proportion of the population who can read and write, however, according to data from UIS (2016), the literacy rate of the population of 15 years and older in the country, is estimated to 77.04% of this he rate of literacy is 88.5% for men and 66.5% for women. From our work with our local communities we know the rate of literacy decreases in rural areas and there is a much greater need for support.

Working with the surrounding communities around our operations, in 2016 we set up a functional adult literacy program  designed to support and train 150 of our local community members each year. The ten-month program run in conjunction with local NGO Alfa Congo] provided adult education to help improve reading, writing, financial literacy and health. Hygiene and nutritional information. The program has supported 555 community members and in particular local women who made up 80% of the course participants. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic the program was paused in 2020 for health and safety reasons.

Given the programs overall success in previous years and the palpable enthusiasm in the villages, the local development committees have included the project in the cahier de charge with an annual budget of USD 16,400, which means thanks to the support of the local community we have recommenced this essential training. This year we expect, 90 people from across our local villages to participate , the average number of learners is 30 per class in three communities. To support the  program  delivery we have also recruited 6 teachers from the target villages who have previously been trained and provided with specific teaching materials.

With this program, Kinsevere continues to help this population to become more useful to their respective communities by taking part in a debate, being citizens and empowering them to be able to position themselves in a social project, develop a better sense of criticism, to become self-motivated and develop their lives to participate in their community cultural and social development.

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