Les défis de la réinstallation

Written by Sara Rowswell     August 23 2018 at 10:00 AM

Nueva Fuerabamba and community resettlement – a case study

MMG is committed to developing and fostering positive relationships with our local communities, especially those located near or around our operations. We are always working to see what more can be done to make a positive and meaningful impact to the lives, livelihoods and well-being of our host communities. This is not always easy – especially when people and communities need to be resettled as part of mine operations.

When a mine needs to develop close to an existing community, it can mean that we need to work with the community to find and develop a suitable relocation program. This difficult task can only be achieved in consultation with the local community and with the approval of the relevant national and local governments.

There is a real opportunity that if the resettlement activities are conducted well, this can make a lasting and positive contribution to the local community. In order to be successful, communities and mining operations need to work together to mitigate the risks to those affected and develop an outcome that restores livelihoods and community.

In 2005, our Las Bambas operation started work in the local community in Fuerabamba on a resettlement process. It took many years before the community and company agreed the proposal for resettlement. During this period MMG remained committed to constructively working with all community members to ensure they understood the process, had an opportunity to raise concerns and finally accept a proposal to relocate.

More information on the program of work we undertook can be found here.


This process continued and over subsequent years with renegotiation and agreement updates which has taught us the importance of maintaining an open dialogue with affected communities, government and civil society.

Fuerabamba’s resettlement was carried out through a joint effort with the community, who had an active involvement in the design of residences, services and town design. By supporting employment, business creation and agriculture and providing key infrastructure and services such as education and health, Las Bambas is contributing to Fuerabamba’s development now and into the future.

Las Bambas knows that in order to create sustainable and successful social and economic progress we must continue to maintain open and consultative and intercultural dialogue with local communities as they grow and change.

MMG is committed to responsible mining and we are working with our industry partners including the ICMM to deliver and develop best practice approaches to community resettlement. You can read more about the ICMM’s published Land acquisition and resettlement: lessons learned insights here.

To learn more about the Nueva Fuerabamba and community resettlement process click here.

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