Nueva Fuerabamba and community resettlement

Written by Andrea Duclos     February 24 2016 at 6:49 AM

Resettlement of an existing community to make way for a new mining project can impact the livelihoods and sense of social connection for community residents. MMG only seeks to resettle people and displace existing economic activity when no other option exists. In planning resettlement activities we strive to achieve Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) defined in the 2012 International Finance Corporation Performance Standard 7 and supporting guidance provided by the ICMM’s Position Statement on Indigenous Peoples and Mining.

On its purchase of the Las Bambas project in mid-2014, MMG inherited a community resettlement program – that had been negotiated by the previous owner as part of the mine’s development – to acquire 4,774 hectares of land under a land-swap agreement. Planning and agreements were well advanced to resettle 441 families of the Fuerabamba community to a newly built town.

The new settlement, Nueva Fuerabamba, was designed collaboratively with the community and is located eight kilometres from the mine site and the original community location. The town has modern facilities and infrastructure, including potable running water, sewage collection and treatment, telecommunications, and medical, educational and recreational facilities.

A formal agreement was signed by all eligible community members and Las Bambas in 2010. Based on the community’s needs, the agreement was reviewed and updated prior to the physical transfer, which began in August 2014, and concluded in 2016. The process followed an informed and participatory approach.

The process does not end with the physical transfer of affected people. Success is measured according to the resettlement of livelihoods of the current residents as well as their future generations.

Pictured: At Las Bambas, the resettlement of the Fuerabamba community was based on a well-informed dialogue process, involving deep community consultation.

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