Aligning Security Management with Human Rights Principles

We identify material, credible security threats to worker safety and the seizure of assets by accessing local knowledge. Critical controls in our threat-based site Security Management Plans aim to provide physical security and deter unauthorised access, as well as to provide appropriate intervention if unauthorised access is detected.

We are committed to managing security and third-party interactions in a manner which respects human rights.

Our material security-related, human rights risks include those related to engaging private security contractors and using public security forces at Sepon, Kinsevere and Las Bambas.

In 2016 we standardised security management plans across these three operations. These plans reference the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR) in relation to the deployment and conduct of public and private security (including rules of engagement and use of force). We are working towards becoming a participant of the VPSHR Initiative by the end of 2018.