Positive Cahier de Charge community feedback

Written by MMG Limited     December 1 2023 at 4:35 PM

Kinsevere’s ‘Cahier de Charge’ program, unveiled in 2021, is a US$6 million social investment benefitting up to 26 neighbouring villages.


The 2023 year built on previous years’ investment (10 agriculture and education initiatives since 2021) by reviewing ongoing costs. Key to its success is input from 60 community participants who met three times that year including the Chef de Secteur of Bukanda, two Chefs de Groupement from Shindaika and Kasongo, and 21 village chiefs and local development committee members. Sébastien Mwape Kabinda, the Chef de Secteur of Bukanda, praised mine and village collaboration.


To date, Kinsevere is progressing several community infrastructure projects including fresh water supply and other 2023 initiatives that saw several community infrastructure projects including schools, bridges, roads, health centres and a public administration office handed over to local authorities. Eighteen initiatives will be completed by 2025.

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