Mara district healthcare campaign

Written by MMG Limited     May 26 2023 at 10:06 AM

At MMG we strive to deliver sustainable benefits for our stakeholders and prioritise actions and behaviours that are valued by the communities, regions and nations in which we operate.


Las Bambas assists local authorities and governments by investing in social programs that strengthen acute healthcare needs in communities. In partnership with the Cotabambas Health Network and the Mara district health centre, in 2022 Las Bambas funded medical examinations and assessments delivered by specialists in the fields of gynaecology, paediatrics, ophthalmology, optometry, head and neck medical care and dentistry. Medicines, vitamins, oral care products and eyeglasses were distributed to the general population.


The Director of the Cotabambas Health Network, Alex Chafloque, acknowledged the coordinated effort: “Our partner company supports us in disease prevention and the promotion of health in the province districts. We have been working on meeting various community needs, such as by refurbishing of the Pumamarca, Choquecca, Sacsahuilca health centres, a few of the many efforts that we will continue to pursue throughout the year.” The Mayor of Mara district, Willinton Guzmán, thanked the Las Bambas team for making specialist examinations and consultations available to Mara residents: “I call on my fellow villagers to take advantage of these campaigns. This will enable them to receive specialised care that we lack at the local health centre.”


We recognise that maintaining constructive relationships with host governments and effectively managing sovereign risk are important to our success. Failure to identify and manage relationships, risks and opportunities can negatively impact our reputation and social, operational and financial performance and limit future growth.


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