Kinsevere local literacy program

Written by MMG Limited     May 26 2023 at 10:43 AM

The Kinsevere operation invested US$2.43 million during 2022, recognising nearby main villages’ growing populations and social welfare needs. A key infrastructure rollout in Kilongo, Kifita and Sela villages is improving access to roads, power, health and education, which includes the construction of new school buildings, a bridge in Kilongo village, and a powerline and transformer to support over 350 households.


Education opportunities are vital for the DRC national workforce, as well as providing skills for future MMG Kinsevere employees. To achieve this longer-term goal, MMG Kinsevere funds local adult literacy programs to lift education levels and increase site employment opportunities. A recent graduation ceremony in the Kifita village saw 90 program participants acknowledged for completing a reading, writing, numeracy and public health course. MMG Kinsevere celebrated 74 women and 16 men who finished this course and, in doing so, take tangible learnings back to benefit their communities. MMG Kinsevere continues its work with community leaders and representatives to promote small and medium enterprises, as well as extending learning and scholarship programs.


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