Shining a light on the voices of the next generation

Written by MMG Limited     May 1 2023 at 5:58 PM

MMG cultivates local employment opportunities, investing in training and education. We recruit talented people from diverse backgrounds, particularly from the communities and regions
where we work.

Molly Stanistreet, Senior Mine Geologist at the Dugald River mine, is an active member of the ‘Women of Dugald River’, a collective that’s creating a safe, supportive and encouraging
group environment for all female site employees.

Molly also mentors high school students by sharing her perspectives on some of the career opportunities that come from working in the resource industry.

“Every day, women are breaking through barriers that generations before us were bound by. It’s our responsibility to support, encourage and empower women to pursue a career in anything they choose. By being a voice for future generations, we are not only advocating for the equality of women, but for all personnel, female, male, gender diverse, all cultures, all ages and all backgrounds. Diversity is what makes us human, it’s our story, it’s our identity and it’s our responsibility to continue the pursuit of inclusion and equality that generations before us began.”

In 2022, Molly was nominated as a Young Woman in Queensland Resources finalist in the Queensland Resources Council/WIMARQ Resources Awards for Women.

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