Las Bambas ‘smart mine’ innovation

Written by MMG Limited     December 3 2021 at 4:13 PM

Digital innovation is overhauling how Las Bambas manages contracts with safety, operational and cost performance improvements.

Prior to the new system, work was manually performed by several teams. With contracts accounting for 70% of Las Bambas’ spending, the new system has many advantages including:

  • Direct entry and validation of contract results and performance indicators by contract owners and the Contract Management team
  • Improved expenditure visibility
  • Report generation and more reliable management information
  • Viewing current and historical management indicators and monthly report automation, removing the need to manually type information
  • Automatic review of historical information

“Digital transformation Las Bambas-wide is driving our ‘smart mine’ push,” said Jianxian Wei, Executive General Manager, Operations, Americas.

“People within their own departments are encouraged to propose ideas that deliver company-wide benefits.”

The program adopts a deeply inclusive model that empowers 41 Digital Transformation Agents representing 19 company departments to pursue innovation. The program’s slogan is ‘INNOVA-T’ with each letter linking back to the teams.

Edgardo Orderique, Las Bambas General Manager, Operations, praised the creation of the Digital Transformation Department and its team members. “We have accepted the challenge of becoming a smart mine, transforming Las Bambas into a digital business,” he said.

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