Kinsevere seeds USD$1,055 million farm crop boost

Written by MMG Limited     November 19 2021 at 4:31 PM

Kinsevere has invested USD$1,055 million to boost crop production for host communities and farmers over the next five years. With the launch of the Farmers Assistance Programme, the Kinsevere social investment agreement – known locally as Cahier des Charges – reached a mid-November highlight. The 15th input distribution campaign to local farmers took place in the village of Ngongo, 13km from the Kinsevere site, yielding the following benefits:

  • The first 74 farmers have received seeds and fertilizer to plant 100 hectares of maize
  • In total, 364 farmers will receive 168 tons of fertilizer and 9.5 tons of seeds to plant 420 hectares of maize this season
  • From the last planting season, the total village maize production exceeds 2,000 tons, of which 315 tons of grain paid back by 411 local farmers has been milled as flour.

The maize seed was produced by the farm breeders’ group, Twi Katane (united together), for which Kinsevere builds the necessary capacity and skills. For this second seed production year, the University of Lubumbashi accredited maize seed variety, is certified by Senasem, the government seed control quality service, after monitoring each stage of growth before its certification. Maize is the staple food and main crop in the provinces of Grand Katanga. Based on a ‘micro credit’ arrangement, farmers will repay a quantity of corn next June at harvest.

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