Business delegation praises Kinsevere community development work

Written by MMG Limited     November 13 2021 at 4:47 PM

Kinsevere is carving out a reputation for its sustainable community development work.

On 11 November, the mine hosted a COVID-safe visit from the Belgian Development Agency (ENABEL), the Federation of Businesses of Congo (FEC), the Ministry of Education and non-goverrnment organisations overseeing children’s rights and education.

The Kifumanshi administrative authority was visited as well as the Kinsevere sewing workshop, Kinsevere and Kifita primary schools, the community health centre, a local market, depot and farmers. The aim of the visit is to learn more about youth employment and training, education, agriculture, health and gender-based matters.The 25-strong member delegation was keen to see how MMG Kinsevere, as a mining company, is fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities including:

  • Financial support for teachers and the impact of free education in rural schools
  • How the health centre operates after the project was handed over from the mine
  • The level of support farmers receive from the public service and the Kinsevere mine
  • Sewing workshop development assistance and financial benefits that flow to tailors

Madame Therese Mwape, a FEC representative and the delegation head, said that the FEC chose Kinsevere for its outstanding contribution to the development of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) toolkit.

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