Kinsevere’s open dialogue with media networks

Written by MMG Limited     November 11 2021 at 3:34 PM

‘We do what we say’ is not just an MMG internal value. Michel Santos, MMG Kinsevere’s Social Development Manager explains what it means in the context of complying with Congolese regulations.  He recently met with 16 local journalists and TV networks to clear up some misinformation spread by social media.

Strong mining ties have been forged between MMG Kinsevere & the Congo over many years, bringing the Haut-Katanga and Lualaba provinces jobs and economic growth. So when some social media posts made incorrect claims about local working conditions, Michel Santos joined a press conference. What followed was a frank and open exchange. Reporters put their questions to people from MMG and surrounding communities.

During a 90-minute interview, Michel discussed Kinsevere’s growth ambitions since its inception, MMG’s 2012 acquisition, the current transition period marked by the depletion of oxidized ores and the Kinsevere Expansion Project. Questions and answers covered Kinsevere’s employees, production figures, social investment benefits for local communities, MMG’s international shareholders, the mine’s relationship with Gécamines (one of Africa’s largest state-owned mining companies), tax payments and how mining royalties are paid to the Congolese Government to benefit local communities.

Other discussions turned to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, the resumption of mining activities; MMG’s scale and size, interactions with the new Congolese authorities, local contractor employment and compliance with Human Rights and Congolese regulations.

To date, five articles have been published on MMG Kinsevere’s operation via the press delegation led by the Congo-based Chinese Embassy. The topics have covered mine production, social achievements, working conditions, safety, health and the fight against environmental pollution.

The media delegation comprised Radio Télévision Nationale Congolaise (DRC National TV), CGTN (China Global Television Network) and other mainstream Kinshasa organisations. The interview was arranged by the Chinese Embassy with input from Liu Guan Zhuo, Secretary of the USMCC (Union des Sociétés Minières à Capitaux Chinois) and Prince Lukeka, Advisor to the Congolese Minister of Communication.

The Journalists saw with their own eyes the Kinsevere’s operation and surrounding village life.

The interviews have promoted the opportunity for ongoing dialogue between Kinsevere and the media, bringing a better understanding of MMG’s local operation, its community investment pledge and cooperation with government partners.


Image: Kinsevere’s Christian Kasolva, Coordinator Production and Michel Santos, Social Development Manager, with four journalists at a site visit. 

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