We do what we say: Sanitation tunnel COVID-19 protection

Written by MMG Limited     October 14 2021 at 11:15 AM

The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged every single business and individual across all corners of the globe. The virus caught all of us by surprise in early 2020, jumping country borders and spreading around the world at lightning fast speed.

By March 2020, MMG Las Bambas had moved quickly to safeguard employees and local communities from the highly infectious disease. Two employees brainstormed a twofold goal: how they could both comply with a Peruvian government 60-day Covid confinement order protocol and, at the same time, share messages to protect Las Bambas people from contracting the Coronavirus.

David Ortiz and Javier Checya rose to the challenge. In just two days they produced, edited and delivered a video outlining health protection measures. True to their word, they turned around a creative way to brief Las Bambas teams in record time – a process that would usually take at least 10 days. Producing a high-quality and informative video of several minutes’ duration is a time-consuming undertaking. It involves drafting and simplifying initial messages into a script format, producing and editing a video and applying finishing touches before sharing the final messages in an easy-to-understand way.

The challenge David and Javier faced was putting down in a video format an audio-visual instruction showing mine workers how to protect each other and their families from contracting COVID-19 as they travelled back and forth between their homes and the mine site – what was termed ‘sanitation tunnel’ protocols.

David and Javier committed to deliver the video on time – a great example of ‘We Do What We Say’. The end result successfully captured the attention of a willing audience – the entire Las Bambas team.

The video was shared and broadcast across Las Bambas’ internal communication channels including the cafeteria TV, WhatsApp groups, the Willana web portal and social networks.

Looking ahead, the push to protect teams from the more infectious Delta Coronavirus variant and any other unforeseen threats will continue into 2022. The Las Bambas’ Communications’ team is looking at other ways to share messages about safeguarding employees, their families and neighbouring regions. Radio messages and stories will feature as another creative way to reinforce safety measures.

View a copy of the video here.

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