Students tour Rosebery’s mine operation

Written by MMG Limited     October 4 2021 at 1:39 PM

The Rosebery District School recently visited the Rosebery operation. Field excursions and tours of working mines bring students and other visitors a first-hand view of how minerals and metals are extracted and refined into the final products that we daily rely on for building homes, hospitals, highways, bridges and airports as well as power transmission and consumer appliances. Tasmania’s Rosebery mine has been a contributor to the state’s economy for 86 years. During that time, it has employed several generations of people from the north west and neighbouring communities.

Students who visited Rosebery last September heard from Liz, one of the mine’s geologists, about different metals and minerals that are mined at the site. They also explored the different types of machines used to mine the rock and then saw some in action, collecting materials in the mine area. It was certainly a valuable experience for the students to see the mine at work with their own eyes. MMG received the following thanks from the local school: “We appreciate the commitment and opportunity provided by MMG and thank Steve, Adam, Colin and Liz for their presentation”.

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