Radio Surphuy – the voice of all – 11th anniversary celebration

Written by MMG Limited     September 13 2021 at 11:14 AM

Radio Surphuy – the voice for all listeners in Las Bambas’ neighbouring areas – celebrates its 11th anniversary on 10 September. The Radio Surphuy name comes from a beautiful emblematic flower highly appreciated by Cotabambas residents.

The radio, which is managed by Las Bambas’ Communications employees, is one of the main integration tools between our company and local communities.

Radio Surphuy’s programs invite audience participation and promote local culture and traditions through folk music and singing contests. In 2020, Radio Surphuy was selected by the Cotabambas Local Education Management Unit to broadcast the Aprendo en Casa (I Learn at Home) programs during the pandemic.

The first community broadcast program was the weekly Willarikuy (to inform, in Quechua) news program. The next was Micrófono Abierto (Open Microphone), a dialogue forum to address listener topics of interest. In the afternoon, the P’unchayniykipi program became an entertainment space to greet listeners on their birthdays and create closer ties.

In the spirit of cultural promotion, Radio Surphuy organises the yearly Llaqtanchispa Takiynin (The Singing of Our People, in Quechua) traditional singing and music contest, Canto a Mi Cotabambas (Singing to My Cotabambas) contest with the participation of teachers from Cotabambas and Grau provinces, ongoing promotion of the T’ikapallana (Flower Gathering Festival, in Quechua) in Cotabambas and broadcasts to celebrate community anniversaries.

Programs that help promote knowledge include the Las Bambas’ Educational Resources Program (PREB), ‘Quien Estudia Triunfa’ (Whoever Studies Succeeds), ‘Leyendas de mi Cotabambas’ (Legends of My Cotabambas), ‘Aprendo en Casa’, and ‘Poesía a mi Cotabambas’ (Poems to My Cotabambas), among others that have strengthened trust between Las Bambas and local communities.

Radio Surphuy continues to air informative, educational, entertainment, communication, cultural activities and training, with half of the programming held in Quechuan languages on 810 AM and 102.7 FM, the portal, and Fan Page, among others.

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