Kinsevere COVID-19 vaccination campaign

Written by Lydia Mpundu     May 24 2021 at 5:10 PM

A successful Kinsevere COVID-19 vaccination campaign got underway in May to protect MMG employees and the community.

Half of the Kinshasa office team has been vaccinated without any reported side effects. The local medical department shared videos and photos of colleagues receiving their vaccination to encourage employees to support the national and global fight against the spread of COVID-19. By getting vaccinated as soon as possible we can better protect our families and safely return to a normal life.

The first ten MMG Kinsevere employees from the site and the Lubumbashi office, led by Dr Philippe Kalwazi and Charles Kyona, Manager Stakeholders Relation, received their first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine at Medpark clinic. They are all in good health. The vaccine rollout follows the 8 May vaccination campaign by the provincial authorities. Another delegation of MMG employees received their vaccine, headed by Mr Qi Dexiao, Deputy General Manager Finance and Business.

Kinsevere Doctor, Philippe Kalwazi, said MMG Kinsevere is fortunate enough to see the hospital he uses being selected as a free vaccination centre. “This is a great opportunity for all MMG Kinsevere agents to take the vaccine so that we can get back to a normal life soon, without masks. It should be noted that by receiving the vaccine, you acquire, like all vaccines received before, a certain immunity from antibodies that fight against COVID 19. The vaccine is available at no cost to everyone and is administered every Tuesday and Thursday. Kinsevere employees who want to be vaccinated are advised to contact the clinic for an appointment. Mr Weiquan, Mr Dexiao, Mr Charles Kyona and I have already taken the vaccine and encourage you to do the same to keep your families and co-workers safe,” he said.

The vaccination is organized every Tuesday and Thursday at Medpark clinic for both younger employees and those aged over 50 years. Kinsevere’s medical team organised a toolbox to answer to any concerns.

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