Las Bambas delivers 172 school e-learning tablets

Written by MMG Limited     May 6 2021 at 2:30 PM

The students of Wichaypampa Educational Institution in Challhuahuacho are learning online thanks to Las Bambas delivering 172 computer tablets in May 2021. The virtual education support was made possible through an agreement signed with the Local Educational Management Unit of Cotabambas.

“We thank Las Bambas for its commitment to the education of our children. The tablets will be very useful. Our students will not be left behind in their education as they stay at the forefront of technological progress,” said Zenobio Maldonado, President of the Parents Association of Wichaypampa Educational Institution.

In 2020, due to administrative problems, the Ministry of Education was unable to deliver tablets to that school. As a result, the parents turned to the Local Educational Management Unit Cotabambas to source these educational tools. Las Bambas responded promptly to this need. In addition, Radio Surphuy broadcasts the audio content of the home learning in support of the Peruvian government virtual education program.

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