Las Bambas holds virtual workshops on COVID-19 awareness with employees’ families

Written by Las Bambas     August 6 2020 at 4:59 PM

Issues including the need to establish a protocol for entering and leaving the home, as well as food hygiene, are shared virtually with employees and their families.

Las Bambas has implemented a series of virtual workshops on COVID-19 with more than 1,100 employees and their families, providing knowledge and tips that can be easily followed. These sessions are designed to increase and strengthen prevention measures in the homes of our employees to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep them safe.

The virtual workshops are part of the plan designed by Las Bambas to prevent the spread COVID-19 at site, which includes strict hygiene measures.  As part of this plan, employees and contractors arriving at site undergo up to four rapid tests to detect possible symptoms of COVID-19; before, during, and after their shift at the operation.

The workshops address the importance of establishing new hygiene policies that involve physical distancing, correct use of masks and frequent hand washing, among other measures that are considered essential to mitigate the possibility of our employees contracting COVID-19 during their rest days.

Information is also provided on additional health precautions for employees during their travel to, and from the operation. Other topics include protocols that should be followed when entering and exiting the home, how to care of your emotional and physical health during this time, the importance of maintaining good nutrition and details about health care available for family members if they contract COVID-19. After each workshop, questions from families are answered by the leaders of different departments within the operation.

“These information sessions are very important, as the knowledge shared helps us better understand our family members’ work at the operation and establish protocols for when they return home. It is also important to understand, for example, the types of precautions we should take with elderly people living at home to ensure they’re not put in risk,” said Milagros Suárez, wife of Las Bambas employee Carlos Coaguila.

Edgardo Orderique, General Manager of Operations at Las Bambas, highlighted that the initiative seeks to raise awareness of the precautions and care that should be in place at home to protect employees from potential infection while they rest between shifts. “It is an issue that we must pay close attention to today in the mining sector, in this new global context. As such, these workshops are an effective mechanism to provide information and remember the daily care we must have at home,” he said.

Edgardo indicated that Las Bambas is working hard to maintain a healthy and safe work environment at its operation, an effort that is complemented by the commitment of families to take care of themselves at home.

Las Bambas is also holding sessions at its operation on the importance of personal health and hygiene relating to COVID-19. It has also used these sessions to remind employees about the main steps that should be taken during the pandemic in order to minimise the possibility of infection, including physical distancing, correct use of masks and frequent hand washing. Las Bambas has shared this important information with our contracting partners who are also continuing to conduct workshops with their teams and families.


Pictured: Las Bambas holdiung virtual workshops on COVID-19 awareness.

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