It takes a village to raise a child

Written by Lydia Mpundu     May 5 2020 at 2:54 PM

How Kinsevere is partnering with parents, schools and NGOs to deliver a successful education program


Inclusive and quality education is one of the most powerful and proven enablers to sustainable development. MMG is committed to supporting education initiatives across all our operations, especially at Kinsevere and Las Bambas where gaining access to quality education is a significant challenge for our host communities.

Kinsevere’s scholarship program, launched in 2014, was designed to support students who completed their primary education in one of the six schools supported by Kinsevere near the operation to continue their education at secondary level in Lubumbashi. In the communities around Kinsevere there are few secondary schools and parents and headmasters of local primary schools sought to improve education opportunities for local children beyond the primary level.

In partnership with local NGOs Réseau des Oeuvres Maman Marguerite and Waza Alliance for Education, MMG provides support for tuition fees, pedagogical support on behalf of parents with limited literacy, student counselling, contact with school administrators, and attending school meetings and following up with parents during the entire school year.  Approximately half of all students who have received a scholarship are girls.

In the first couple of years of the program, some students faced difficulties adjusting to life in boarding schools and being away from their families. Kinsevere worked with the NGOs involved to ensure there were transition programs to support the children before they entered the schools, and mentored them throughout the year. Parents were also encouraged to give feedback to further improve the program and its success rates. Scholarship recipients are now receiving some of the best results in their classes, and their continued academic success is preparing them for their future careers.

Kinsevere remains committed to the scholarship program and to ensuring participating students receive the support needed for them to be successful.


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