Health and wellbeing management at Dugald River

Written by Fiona Sartain     May 5 2020 at 2:54 PM

Protecting the health of our people is as vital as protecting their safety. 

We proactively support the physical and mental wellbeing of our people and we work to minimise occupational health exposure risks. 

Over the past year, Dugald River has developed an holistic approach to overall employee health and wellbeing. The aim is to deliver a healthcare and surveillance program that has our people at its heart.  

The team carried out a structured risk assessment of Dugald River’s occupational health hazards that could cause harm to our people. They used this information to identify health hazards present on site and prevent harm to our people by: 

  • implementing the controls required to minimise the risk to health from hazardous substances and other health hazards; and 
  • develop ongoing health monitoring and surveillance for all people working at Dugald River, including contractors. 

Dugald River also developed a comprehensive and site-specific Health and Hygiene Surveillance program, which includes physical medical examinations, comprehensive occupational and medical history checks, health education and promotion through technological devices and wellbeing workshops. To evaluate the outcomes from these initiatives, a Health Information Management System (HIM) has been developed by adapting and modifying existing health care software. This new software enables the site to: 

  • Automate employee appointment reminders, reduce no-shows and manage our schedule to free up more time for people-centric care; 
  • Seamlessly integrate overall health and wellbeing considerations with Occupational Health and Hygiene requirements; and 
  • Have secure and reliable medical records. 

We will now use this data to help measure the success of our programs and deliver new programs designed to meet any unmet needs into the future. 

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