Communicating changes to Las Bambas’ Environmental Impact Assessment

Written by MMG Limited     March 7 2019 at 12:06 PM

Updates to mining environmental permits and plans are a normal part of operation. They provide a regulatory framework for projects to evolve over time while ensuring that they continue to operate in line with all relevant legislative requirements.

In late 2017, Las Bambas presented its third Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) modification. In summary, the modification sought to update the mining plan, optimise the molybdenum circuit, enable the commencement of new drilling works, as well as implement new mine components (including tyre and contingencies storage, additional generators, entrance gates, more offices and change of use of a mine camp). All updates were to be made on the existing mine lease.

In recognising the strong expectations of local communities and key external stakeholders to be consulted on modifications to our EIA, Las Bambas prepared a Citizen Participation Plan. This was approved by the National Environmental Certification Service for Sustainable Investments (SENACE), and included communicating on a regular basis through permanent information offices in the region, distribution of printed explanatory material on the modification, guided tours of the operation, creating focus groups to get regular feedback on the process and sharing the Executive Summary and content of the modification of the  EIA to those who are interested. Las Bambas also disseminated information about the modification on Radio Surphuy in both Spanish and Quechua and invited local community members to call and ask questions that specialists would answer live on the air.

By employing this plan to communicate this and future modifications, we strive to promote informed participation from our key stakeholders and local communities and create an environment to receive feedback, queries and encourage greater engagement throughout the process.  It is through constant engagement with our stakeholders around operational matters that we will continue to deliver long-term benefits for our operations and regions in which we work, and better manage the positive and negative impacts of our operations.

For more information about the process, the three stages of the development of the EIA modification and community participation, visit the Las Bambas website.

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