At 80-plus years, Rosebery mine is one of Australia’s longest running mine sites

Written by Andrea Atell     February 27 2016 at 5:54 AM

In February 2016, one of Tasmania’s largest mines, MMG Rosebery, achieved a rare milestone in the Australian mining industry – ‘clocking in’ 80 years of continuous operations.

While mining of the Rosebery deposit commenced soon after its discovery in 1893, operations were periodically disrupted due to economic downturns over the next three decades. After four years of construction – interrupted by the Great Depression – operation of the new Rosebery mill began in February 1936.

At the time, Rosebery’s mill capacity was 20 tonnes of ore per hour. Today, following the introduction of mechanisation in the underground mine, plant upgrades and productivity improvements, mill capacity is approximately six times greater.

The mine’s longevity is due as much to its mineral deposit as it is to the resilience and skill of the many employees who have worked there over its already long life, and the strength of the support it receives from the North West Coast community.


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Pictured: Overview of the Rosebery mill and processing plant.


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